1/23.sat - 1/29.fri
Russian animation masterpiece selection

Ⓐ:Cheburashka & Mitten

Ⓐ:Cheburashka & Mitten

(1969~1974 Russia Total:90min Blu-ray)

Director: Roman Kachanov
Language: Russian
Subtitles: Japanese

【Movie line-up : "Krokodil Gena", "Cheburashka", "Shapoklyak", "Mama", "The Letter", "Mitten"】

Ⓑ:Yuriy Norshteyn

Ⓑ:Yuriy Norshteyn

(1968~1979 Russia Total:90min DCP)

Director: Yuriy Norsteyn
Language: Russian
Subtitles: Japanese

【Movie line-up : "The 25th, the First Day", "The Battle of Kerzhenets", "The Fox and the Hare", "The Heron and the Crane", " Hedgehog in the Fog", "Tale of Tales"】

Ⓑ:Yuriy Norshteyn12:3016:20
Ⓐ:Cheburashka & Mitten10:3014:2018:10

1/30.sat - 2/5.fri
Martin Eden + The Traitor

シチリアーノ 裏切りの美学
The Traitor

The Traitor

aka Il traditore

(2019 Italy | France | Germany | Brazil 152min DCP R15+)

Director: Marco Bellocchio
Casts: Pierfrancesco Favino, Luigi Lo Cascio, Fausto Russo Alesi
Language: Italian | Sicilian | Portuguese | English
Subtitles: Japanese

Martin Eden

Martin Eden

(2019 Italy | France | Germany 129min DCP)

Director: Pietro Marcello
Cast: Luca Marinelli, Jessica Cressy, Denise Sardisco, Vincenzo Nemolato
Language: Italian | Neapolitan | French
Subtitles: Japanese

The Traitor14:00
Martin Eden11:2017:05
Martin Eden14:05
The Traitor11:0016:45

new2/6.sat - 2/12.fri
King Hu director special

俠女 デジタル修復版
A Touch of Zen

A Touch of Zen

(2019 Taiwan 180min DCP)

Director: King Hu
Casts: Hsu Feng, Shih Chun, Bai Ying
Subtitles: Japanese

★One movie only. There would be no Last Ippon discounts.

山中傳奇 4Kデジタル修復・完全全長版
 Legend of the Mountain

Legend of the Mountain

(1979 Taiwan | Hong Kong 192min DCP)

Director: King Hu
Casts: Hsu Feng, Sylvia Chang, Shih Chun, Tung Lin, Wu Ming-Tsai
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: Japanese

★One movie only. There would be no Last Ippon discounts.

残酷ドラゴン 血斗竜門の宿 デジタル修復版
Dragon Inn

Dragon Inn

aka 龍門客棧

(1967 Taiwan 111min DCP)

Director: King Hu
Casts: Shang Kuan Ling Fung, Bai Ying, Tien Peng, Shih Chun, Hsu Feng
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: Japanese

★One movie only. There would be no Last Ippon discounts.

2/6~2/8★One movie only
A Touch of Zen10:30
Legend of the Mountain13:55
Dragon Inn17:35
2/9~2/12★One movie only
Legend of the Mountain10:30
Dragon Inn14:10
A Touch of Zen16:30

new2/13.sat - 2/19.fri
Take Care of My Cat + Barking Dogs Never Bite

Barking Dogs Never Bite

Barking Dogs Never Bite

aka 플란다스의 개

(2000 South Korea 110min DCP)

Director: Bong Joon Ho
Casts: Bae Doona, Lee Sung-Jae, Go Su-hee, Kim Ho-jung
Language: Korean
Subtitles: Japanese

Take Care of My Cat

Take Care of My Cat

aka 고양이를 부탁해

(2001 South Korea 112min Blu-ray)

Director: Jeong Jae-eun
Casts: Bae Doona, Lee Yo-won, Ok Ji-young
Language: Korean
Subtitles: Japanese

new2/20.sat - 2/26.fri
"House of Hummingbird" One more movie will come soon.

House of Hummingbird

House of Hummingbird

aka 벌새/Beolsae

(2018 South Korea/USA  138min DCP PG12)

Director: Kim Bora


Welcome to Wasedashochiku ~Where the great movies live~

Wasedashochiku is one of the Tokyo’s best premier revival movie theaters. Running for over 50 years, Wasedashochiku is proud to bring the finest films from all over the world to Tokyo. All shows are DOUBLE FEATURES, DOUBLE BILLS. We heartily welcome your visit and wish you to have a great entertainment for your life.


Adimission Price

Adults: 1,300 yen
Seniors (60 and up) and Children (12 and under): 900 yen
Students (w/ID): 1,100 yen
Married Couples (50 and up w/ID): 2,000 yen
Last IPPON(The final show of the day): 800 yen
Movie Day Discount (Every 1st of each month): 800 yen

★All paired films are DOUBLE BILLS: your ticket admits you to BOTH films on the bill. You may also just watch one film if you wish.
★The final show of the day requires a separate ticket called “Last IPPON”. It will be available 1 hour before the last film.

Japanese Movie Ratings

PG-12 / PG12 : children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
R-15 / R15+ : no person under 15 is allowed to watch the movie.
R-18 / R18+ : no person under 18 is allowed to watch the movie.

Admission Pass

You can make a STOPOVER!

When you go out the theater between movies, please take an admission pass at our information desk. The period of which the tickets and passes valid are only for the day you buy.


Wasedashochiku is located at 1-5-16, Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.

Tel: 03-3200-8968
The theater is accessible by:

★Takadanobaba Sta. (JR, Seibu Shinjuku Line, and Tozai Subway Line)
★Nishiwaseda Sta. (Fukutoshin Line)


Parking around the theater is difficult at best. We recommend you to take public transportation to avoid unnecessary stress on your entertainment.
Bicycles and motorcycles are welcome to park in front of the theater.